Module 1 / City and Citizenship

The module will focus on the relationship between urban space and the forms of belonging that such relationship has produced and generated in time. Today, when the modern form of citizenship is experiencing a deep crisis and its own juridical dimension is assuming forms of increasing complexity, one questions the ability of cities and urban spaces to produce citizenship. Thus the module aims to update the concepts that have until today defined the relationship between city and citizenship and, where necessary, propose new concepts and new categories. Philosophical, political, legal, sociological, geographic and urban tools will be provided – discussed through a comparative approach of the usage and meanings given by the various disciplines – to construct and develop lemmas, in a written and/or visual form, that will feed into a urban knowledge dictionary.


/ Cfu 5 / 50 Hours 

From 23rd February to 24th March

Coordinators: Dario Gentili, Federica Giardini

Lecturers: Ilaria Bussoni, Tiziana Villani, Marco Armiero, Graziano Graziani, Pierandrea Amato, Felice Cimatti, Mauro Folci.

keywords: Assemblage / Infrastructure/ Heterotopy / Landscape/ Utopia/ Dystopia /