Professional Master and Advanced Course in Environmental Humanities

General infos

Professional Master’s Program (1st level)

The aim of a Master course is to reinforce and broaden the skills and expertise of graduates and postgraduates, in order to meet the demands of the professional world.
The admission to a first level master course – which is part of the second cycle of the Italian university studies – requires a first level degree.
The Master is opened to graduates in all disciplines, Italians and foreigners. The main language will be Italian, but a certain numbers of lectures will be in English.
Professional Master’s diploma is awarded after accomplishing all the educational activities, with the acquisition of 60 university credits (ECTS).
Advanced Course’s diploma is awarded after accomplishing Module 1 and another Module at choice, with the acquisition of 20 university credits (ECTS).


Tuition fees

Professional Master: 1500 euros
Advanced Course: 600 euros.


National and International Network

The Professional Master’s Program is part of the Postgraduate Educational offer of the “Philosophy, Communication and Visual Arts” Department and the “Architecture” Department.

Among the other Departments involved:

  • Humanities
  • Political Science
  • Law
  • Languages, Literature and Cultures

Partnerships and collaborations with other foreign Institutions:

  • Environmental Humanities Laboratory, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm -Sweden
  • Université Sciences Politiques – Paris, France
  • Université Montaigne-Bordeaux, France
  • Università di Talca – Cile
  • Cornell University – School of  Architecture Art and planning, New York, USA
  • ICTA Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambietals – UAB – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona – progetto EJOLT

The Program will provide internships in local, national and international agencies and companies.
In this respect the Master can rely on the agreements with associations such as “A SUD” Association, CDCA_ Center of Documentation on Environmental Conflicts, and its social and professional networks.
The Master is sponsored by: MIUR (Ministry of Education) – MIBAC (Ministry of Culture) – AMBIENTE (Ministry of Environment) and WWF

For a full description of the Master and for the enrollment modalites, click here.