Module 6 / Environmental Journalism

The module focuses on a topic of significant interest although poorly represented in our current mass media system. Our general objective is to provide analytical and juridical tools as well as visual representation to facilitate journalistic inquiry. Addressing the macro-theme of climate change, the course will provide a key to understand the environmental impacts from a global to local level. Thus tools will be provided to allow for a media narrative describing the close connection between the environment and health. Instruments on environmental law will also be offered in order to understand the environmental impacts determined by human activities and management politics of the territory.

ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNALISM. Theories and Techniques for Information and Communication in the Environmental Field

/ CFU 5 / 50 Hours

from 26th October to 24th November

Coordinator: Salvatore Altiero

Lecturers: Federico Fierli, Antonio Musella, Massimo Berruti, Amalia De Simone, Roberta Pirastu, Pietro Comba, Giuseppe Manzo, Marica Di Pierri, Carla Manzocchi, Manuele Bonaccorsi, Nello Trocchia, Matteo Delbò, Claudio Calia

keywords: Crisis / Catastrophe / Planning / Redistribution / Hospitality / Narrative / Archives