Module 3 / Arts, Architecture, City

The module offers lectures on the relationship between the arts, architecture and the city as well as direct experiences such as urban exploration, the implementation of micro-infrastructures, events and high impact civic and symbolic performance actions in complex social contexts, with a particular focus on the intercultural city. The arts will be integrated as cognitive tools to understand the dynamics of the transformation of the present day city, in the guise of poetic glimpses capable of bringing to light aspects often barely visible as well as suggest their potential. Field work will be directly on the territory and with the communities that live there as well as international artists. The aim is to critically look at the mechanisms of production of the city and provide good practice and intervention tools at a national and international level. As part of the course an architectural object will be constructed on a scale 1:1, capable of interpreting the potential encountered in the territory to the exploration phase.
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/ Cfu 6 / 60 Hours

by Stalker Walking School 
LAC_Civic Arts Laboratory
and Eticity

Francesco Careri [Università di RomaTre] TESTO_TESTO_

Stefano Catucci / Philosophies of Terrestrial Space

Giorgio De Finis [Curatore del MAAM] / Museo e città

Lorenzo Romito / The OltrecittàTESTO_

ATIsuffix / rotellATI in the inclusive city

Alfonso Giancotti / Brownfield sites and the Future of the City

Sara Marini [IUAV] / Re-cycle

Nicola Vazzoler / Practices generating urban geographiesTESTO_

Carlotta Fioretti / Urbanist Law of a Neighborhood: observation, spatial analysis, social reading, listening to the inhabitantsTESTO_TESTO_

Territorial analysis training activities on an urban and neighborhood scale
Viola Mordenti [ETICity]

Sandra Annunziata [ETICity, Marie Curie Fellow, Department of Geography, University of Leicester]

Alice Sotgia [ETICity, Laboratoire Architecture Anthropologie, ENSA Paris La Villette]

Mara Cossu [ETICity, IEIIT CNR, Department of Electronics Information and Bioengineering, Polytechnic of Milan / POLIEDRA – Service center and counseling Polytechnic of Milan]

Claudia Meschiari [ETICity]

Claudia Faraone [ETICity, Università IUAV of Venice]

German Valenzuela [Universidad de Talca]

Annalisa Metta / Architetture del paesaggio

Serena Olcuire [Laboratorio Arti Civiche]

Maria Rocco [Laboratorio Arti Civiche]

Emanuela Di Felice [Laboratorio Arti Civiche]