Module 2 / Society, Environment and Territory

Unlike former conceptions of inclusive democracy, rights are not pre-existing issues nor conclusions of demands, but the contrary as it is through participatory processes that one may delineate and specify the instances of a community and a territory, which also require a legal status. Upon completion of this educational cycle, basic knowledge will have been acquired on: how to construct an analysis of the territory, how territorial instances are represented, the names within the territory (district, municipality, etc.), how the administrative apparatus operates and what are the formal and informal steps to create a network system, what are the legislative tools of the municipalities, districts, regions (resolution, law, agenda), what are the processes of social mediation on the territory, understood as “eco-sociality.” This year the module will focus on issues related to social agriculture.


/ Cfu 5 / 650 Hours

From 6th April to 5th May

Coordinator: Simona Panzino

Lecturers: Carlo De Angelis, Luigi Corvo, Silvano Falocco


keywords: Crisis / Catastrophe / Planning / Redistribution / Hospitality / Narrative / Archives