Module 4 / Stalker

The module provides an intensive workshop in June on the theme of hospitality in small metropolitan villages and in the internal areas of central Italy. The hospitality not only of the Other, the nomad, the migrant, the outcast, but the hospitality of all, ours, together. The hypothesis is that the city model as we have known it since modernity is close to collapse, and that it is necessary to begin to rebuild those paths to the hinterland with which Europe was re-established at the end of the ancient era.

The goal is to teach to experience the phenomena, directly through the Stalker practice of walking and wasting time, to creatively re-invent relationships with sites. The intention is to provoke through our presence an opportunity to activate processes of identification and valorisation of the territory, weaving social relations that revitalize the communities and encourage the encounter and exchange with those who cross them. The aim is building together a shared fact, an object? a performance? An artwork? a monument? a convivial moment? a ritual? which is representative of a lost spirituality, and regenerative of a spiritual relationship of art with the territory and with the one who lives there, which is capable of influencing the uses and the social relationships that produce the landscape.

/ Cfu 5 / Hours 50

From 18th to 24th June

Coordinator: Francesco Careri, Giulia Fiocca, Lorenzo Romito

Lecturers: Filippo Tantillo, Lidia De Candia, Stefania Crobe

keywords: Crisis / Catastrophe / Planning / Redistribution / Hospitality / Narrative / Archives