Module 3 / Urban Studies

The third Master’s module intends to improve the ability to know the territorial and urban context. It focuses on the recent economic dynamics and the creation of urban value and the land rent, its appropriation and the tools to catch it and redistribute it for the benefit of the community. The module is divided into:

  • a critical reading of some relevant episodes in the urban history of Rome (Rome city plan 1962 and “Planning standards”; Social housing plan and the preventive purchase of the soils; Rome city plan 2003 and the “Extraordinary contribution”; the project for the new stadium in Rome and the capture of real estate surplus value);
  • a focus will be give on the mechanisms and tools that can be used to redistribute the benefits of the physical and functional transformations of the already built city; how to build the legitimacy of devices that allow to use existing economic resources to answer new social demand?

The module includes: lectures; lessons of some guests who will illustrate the theme of the module looking at their professional and research experience; end module exercise.

/ Cfu 5 / 50 Hours

from 11th May to 16th June

Coordinators: Giovanni Caudo, Mauro Baioni, Nicola Vazzoler

Lecturers: Carlotta Fioretti, Giovanni Longobardi, Annalisa Metta

keywords: Crisis / Catastrophe / Planning / Redistribution / Hospitality / Narrative / Archives